Who was defeated by “United Russia” at the Duma election?

Most Russians do not doubt the authority of the ruling party. The people trust President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev. The tandem and the ruling vertical are immutable.

“United Russia” has won the Duma election with about 54% of votes. The results could not have been different. The protest moods had been reduced to a minimum; the opposition is split and broken. However, a question arises – who was defeated by “United Russia”?

Not its competitors, who were submissively getting their candidates lists approved by the Kremlin! The common sense was defeated! The common sense which tells us that if a ruling party with the majority in the parliament has led the country to a crisis lasting for many years, not just a temporary one, this party should abandon its ruling positions and become an opposition party, because it cannot cope with the situation in the country. “United Russia” has shown practically the same result as in the previous election, retaining the majority in the new parliament, but this result testifies to the lack of alternative to the ruling regime: the people see no political force which might get the country out of the crisis, inspire it and lead it into the future. There is no such force in the country. Our intellectual and moral elite are indifferent to politics. They are happy with the current situation. Most of them are content with just making money; the everyday routine prevents them from looking around and saying: “Listen! The country is moving in the wrong direction! Our development path must be changed!” No. The elite are silent. Our economic minds are silent, too. They got confused, supporting the monetary theories of post-capitalism development and forgetting about the Soviet economic model, namely, the priority of state regulation over the chaos of market economy. Modern Russian economists see no alternatives to capitalism with its consumerism values. These “professors” forgot what they had been taught in their youth: national economy and state interests should always prevail over private interests and the interests of households and even of the ruling economic upper circles. Is this mutiny? No, this is an economic law!

Only the most efficient model can survive and begin to dominate in the future!

State capitalism? Look at China. This country has become the first economy of the world thanks not only to its industrious people and cheap workforce! It has become the leader because of the sensible state policy aimed at developing private initiative controlled by state strategic interests. Protectionism? Three times yes! What about liberalization and reforms? Do you want degradation and decay? This is exactly what is caused by them.

We need Great Russia! Not “United”, but Great. Russia could overcome the present slow decay and offer the world a breakthrough into the future. Something which it has done many times – an economic, social and cultural breakthrough! But it will happen only if our elite are mature enough to understand the need for change, if our citizens have an active social stand which is more important than transitory private interests.

The future is made by the present. Place yours bets, gentlemen!

© Vladimir Kuzin,

Independent journalist